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Sunrise, Great Sand Dunes National Park
Sangre de Cristo Sunrise, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Blue Hour is the time of day immediately before sun rise, and immediately after sun set. During this time the sun has taken its final bow for the day – having passed below the horizon. But in the absence of its brilliance emerges another, softer, gentler, seemingly ever-present light. Unassuming, subtle and patient. For a brief moment its glow reflects off the morning or evening sky’s atmosphere and graces all things below with an etherial, supernatural beauty.

Blue Hour doesn’t last long. In the morning soft, gentle hues slowly emerge from the darkness of the previous night – but are soon forgotten as the sun reaches the horizon and emerges – its drama dominating all things under its domain. In the evening, Blue Hour initially may go unnoticed as the sun’s final rays majestically recede then fade to twilight, then darkness. Stars emerge and the point of demarcation slides away softly.

Blue hour has no definitive beginning nor end, and by God’s grace, happens every day.

Blue Hour is my favorite time to photograph. It’s the time when the drama is over and others have packed up. Often during this time one is free to simply wander, explore and shoot in peaceful evening light.

That’s what I want for you when you read BLUE HOUR JOURNAL; to be able to visually wander in peace and explore the destinations I’m so fortunate to visit. Beyond that, though, my ultimate hope is to inspire the Blue Hour Journal reader to get out and explore the wild areas around where ever you are in the world; to wander, shoot and dream.

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  1. John,

    just came across your blog after finding F6 website. It is wonderful, both in terms of images in the blog and the Gallery, as well as the writing. Old-fashioned to say, but it is a class act. Keep it up! I’ve put it and the F6 into my Feedly feed, and look forward seeing to more of your inspirational work.

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