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A moonless October night proved an excellent opportunity to view the Milky Way above New Mexico's remote Bisti Wilderness.
A moonless October night proved an excellent opportunity to view the Milky Way above New Mexico’s remote Bisti Wilderness.

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  1. Greeting John,

    Just found you sure and my compliments! Beautiful work, vision and words. I love your story of returning to classic films.

    I am in the exact same space. My background includes many years as an industry guy including employment with Fuji USA (20) years in the professional products division on-board at at age 26, ore Velvia. Then on to Mamiya USA and finally Imacon/Hasselblad getting the axe cutting the aquisition. I was national tech services manager.

    I am now 58 and after many experiences in the industry and using the best of the best I am once again returning to a simple way of working using a classic Minolta and film.

    I would love to chat and would welcome an opportunity to visit over coffee if our paths cross. We live near Tumwater WA.

    I am evaluating film choices and curious as to your choice of fun stock for BW. I feel the need to pursue my 35mms efforts as a way of returning to the passion i felt as a kid exploring and making pictures with my simple 35in camera. I taught black and white workshops for years and was a 4×5 and medium format practitioner (zone system) guy. When working in the landscape I have always treated my 35mm like a view camera. I love the flexibility of the 35mm. While with Fuji I lived in the Bay Area and became close with both Galen and Barbera Rowell. He was a big influence on my revisiting the 35mms format.

    In any case love your work and site. Well done.

    Very inspirational to see new good work these days.

    Best regards and keep going!

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